Natural & Colored Mulch

Colored Mulch

Hawk Valley Landscape Materials offer and manufactures double ground Hardwood Mulches, including natural hardwood and colored mulch. We also sell certified playground mulch.


Thickness Amount Square Feet
1″ 1 cubic yard 324
2″ 1 cubic yard 162
3″ 1 cubic yard 106
4″ 1 cubic yard 81
5″ 1 cubic yard 65
6″ 1 cubic yard 54
7″ 1 cubic yard 45
8″ 1 cubic yard 40

Certified Playground Mulch

People use Hawk Valley Landscape’s Mulch in Pennsylvania & New Jersey for everything from playgrounds to gardens. It is used for safety in playgrounds so children do not get hurt when they fall. It’s a wood fiber mulch designed for safety and durability. Certified playground mulch is in compliance with playground surface industry standard. This Mulch would be great for under swing sets and around areas that need a clean mulch.

Natural Hardwood

This is an all-natural mulch, and is always a customer favorite.

Colored Mulches

Bring a little color to your landscaping projects by selecting one of our two classic mulch colors:  Black and Brown.

  • Black
  • Brown
different types of mulch & wood chips

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